Basiswissen Biologie I

Pflanzenzellen, Fotosynthese, Atmung

Basics of Biology I

Basics of Biology examines general biological issues that help to expand and consolidate basic biological knowledge. The first film of this series deals with the structure of the plant cell. It centres around the structure and function of plant tissue such as the xylem, root cells and stomata as well as the functions of the chloroplasts. In the second chapter the issue of photosynthesis and the elements involved in it are dealt with. With tests and experiments impacts of light and CO2 on photosynthesis are demonstrated and explained. The third part explains human respiration. The rising oxygen consumption of a woman athlete brought on by physical effort on the moving walkway is shown. What happens when the physical stress becomes too strong and the amount of oxygen inhaled is no longer sufficient? The transition from aerobic respiration to anaerobic respiration is vividly illustrated. Together with the extensive accompanying material the didactic DVD is ideally suited for use in the classroom.