Verwundeter Planet I

Ökosystem Erde in Gefahr (2 DVDs)

The Wounded Planet I

In a side branch of the Orion nebula of the Milky Way about 4.6 billion years ago, our solar system came into existence with all its planets, among which was also the Earth. From its creation until today, the Earth has been subjected to many changes. It has undergone an evolution: the surface which was first liquid had to cool down and solidify, an atmosphere and liquid water were formed, the prerequisite for the origin of life. The first appearance of water in the form of rain is sure to be traced back 3.6 billion years. The oldest fossils date back 3.5 billion years. Photosynthesis, prerequisite for the origin of a flora and the creation of an oxygen-containing atmosphere was an important step for the development of biodiversity on Earth.