Das Schwein

Wildtier und Nutztier

Nature and Social Behaviour

Wild boars are widespread all over Europe. They live naturally in our large woods or wildlife parks. The largest animals in the enclosure here are the wild boar tuskers. These are the male boars. They are solitary animals. The female animals are called wild sows. They live with their offspring, the wild boar piglets, in sounders. There is a clearly defined hierarchy within a sounder. The leading sow is always the oldest female. She controls the daily routine. The piglets determine their place in the hierarchy among themselves in fights. Wild boars are mainly nocturnal. At night they are largely undisturbed when foraging. Wild boars like to wallow in the mud. This helps them both to regulate their body temperature and to repel biting insects. Another typical behaviour is rubbing against tree trunks. Thus, they care for their personal hygiene. Removing the dried layer of mud helps them also to get rid of skin parasites.